Our Story


Our Story

"We know every wardrobe contains a story. We'd like to be part of yours." --Nana Chen

Nana Chen launched Nanette in 2015. The Taipei-born founder and creative director packed her first suitcase at six and grew up in Argentina, Chile, the USA and Taiwan. 

Nana has travelled widely as an international lifestyle journalist, a TV host and a photographer for over a decade. Her work is featured in The Observer (UK), Marie Claire (15 countries), D-la Repubblica and many more.  

Nanette reflects these life experiences and journeys, be it a touch of Rajasthan in the silhouette or the details in a sleeve inspired by a friend over coffee in Copenhagen. 

Each piece shares a story and reflects our concept of creating high quality clothing that is timeless, elegant and versatile. All Nanette materials are ethically sourced and made locally to support the community.